Customer Care

We’ve been caring for Leominster Customers vehicles since 1991. Our levels of customer care are one of the things that sets us apart from other garages, we are not your average garage! We have a dedicated team of customer service specialists who commit to going above and beyond the norm to understand your requirements, provide updates where necessary to keep you informed about the progress of your vehicle. 

We’ve reached 5 major national independent garage finals in the the last 2 years and we are the current Top Garage 2023 winners. We’ve built our family business over 30+ years by being transparent, trustworthy and fair. We’ve been around a while; and like to get to know our customers, building long-term relationships, and empathising with whatever situation we are dealing with. 

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We aren’t Top Garage 2023 winner by accident, communication is something we try really hard with. We talk to you in plain English, making sure we explain what we are doing and if you are still unsure, we’re very happy for you to ask until you understand. We will always endeavour to provide accurate estimates, explaining what we are doing at each stage and seeking authorisation before we work on your vehicle. We use the latest digital communication tools to ensure we go above and beyond what you would expect at an average garage. 


Whilst your vehicle is in our care, our team will make sure your vehicle is safe, maintained and repaired to the highest standard. Quality and efficiency is at the heart of all we do, whether that be the booking process, drop off and collection or the vehicle going through our workshop. Efficient working helps to make sure we have minimum disruption and downtime and vehicle work is completed in agreed time frames. To help meet our quality aims, we prefer not to offer waiting appointments and have courtesy vehicles to help keep you mobile. 

Exceeding expectations

If your vehicle is pre-booked in with us, we won’t simply “do the job booked in for” we also carry out a complimentary Vehicle Health Check to see if there are any vehicle issues you need to be aware of, enabling us to plan with you and for you to be able to budget for future work required. We are also happy to complete recommended work while with us to save a second visit wherever we are able. 

Parts we supply

Behind the scenes, we carefully select our suppliers and the parts we fit to your vehicle. We select the correct parts manufacturer/supplier to meet your vehicle needs and wherever possible fitting Original Equipment Specification parts. While these parts might not be the cheapest available, we know the quality is of a level that keeps you and your family safe on the road. This is mostly invisible to our customers, but we understand the impact of getting this wrong and have carried out extensive work (coupled with our years of experience) to make sure we get it right. 


On top of this, all our work is guaranteed with a minimum 12 months parts warranty. We operate on the basis of the right quality, minimising disruption.

What do I do if there is an issue?

If you have an issue, Dan or Tim will be happy to discuss the issue to try to find a resolution. In the unlikely event you still aren’t satisfied, there is an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution organisation called The National Conciliation Service who can be reached on 01788 538318.