Diagnostic Assessment

With modern vehicles a simple fault code read is no longer enough to give you the information you need to decide how to proceed with your car. A diagnostic assessment requires time, technician skill, training, technical information and diagnostic equipment.

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What’s involved in our diagnostic assessment?

We start by doing a visual inspection to assess the overall condition of the vehicle. We then carry out a basic fault code scan and look at technical information, vehicle data and research as required to carry out initial checks and non-intrusive tests using diagnostic equipment as required.

What does a diagnostic assessment cost?

Our diagnostic assessment fee is £96 inc vat. Once completed we’ll contact you to discuss the correct course of action to get to a resolution for the the issue. In some cases we don’t need any further time or parts to resolve the fault.

Why don’t you offer a simple code read?

The complexity of modern vehicles means a code read is no longer sufficient to resolve an issue. We invest £thousands every year in keeping our diagnostic equipment, technical support and technical data up to date and this is factored into our assessment costs. Whilst the headline price of a code read is good, it’s rarely enough to provide you with competent answers as to the course of action required to fix your vehicle. We could carry out a code read and give you the codes, but wouldn’t you want to know what that code means?