Clutch Replacement

We pride ourselves on being clutch replacement specialists and have invested in specialist tooling, training, and technical information to enable us to work on a wide variety of vehicles. 

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The clutch is what transfers the engine power into motion through the transmission and is a wear and tear part. Every vehicle is different, but it is usually one of the more labour-intensive jobs and there are multiple components that require assessing and replacing whilst doing this work. Selecting the right quality parts and ensuring the work is carried out correctly is vital to reduce the overall cost of the repair. As a major routine job, it needs to be done once and done right. 

We also regularly contribute to trade publications through online and magazine printed articles on how to fit clutches correctly and best practices, with one of the leading Original Equipment Clutch suppliers in the world. We’re very proud to be selected by LUK, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket to work on these articles as it demonstrates we aim to do things the right way. Schaeffler Group is a pretty big deal in the vehicle parts supply for the manufacturing process operating from approximately 170 locations in 50 countries, with sales revenues in excess of 12 billion Euros.

If you’d like to enquire about a clutch replacement, please get in contact. You never know, your vehicle might be in the next article!