MOT Testing

The MOT test is an annual inspection that enables a snap shot of whether a vehicle is safe at the time of test. At the end of an MOT test you will receive a PASS or FAIL with a list of recommendations in the form of minor defects and advisory items. MOT testers are qualified to carry out the MOT test on behalf of the DVSA and are required to pass an annual assessment to continue testing for the following year.

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We’ve been testing Cars and Light Commercial vehicles at our site since 2011 and prior to that we have been preparing vehicles for MOT test since we began.

Vehicles we are able to test on site:
Class 4 – Cars & Taxis, Dual Purpose vehicles (for example Commercial Vehicles with seats in the back, like pickups), Camper Vans and Motorhomes (subject to being able to safely work and fit on our ramp) and some Minibuses & Goods vehicles up to 3000kg DGM

We are also able to arrange MOT testing for Class 7 commercial vehicles and Minibuses that we can’t test on-site.