DPF Cleaning

DPF cleaning is a process that we carry out in-situ using chemicals to clear excessively blocked DPF’s. This procedure should only be carried out AFTER the root cause of the DPF blockage has been repaired otherwise the DPF would quickly block up again. Imagine that you have a flooded kitchen and you start to mop the floor without first turning the the tap off that is causing the sink to overflow…. We have successfully cleaned/repaired DPF’s without having the to replace the costly DPF.

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Should I use additives for DPF Cleaning?

In tank DPF additives can be very good but also very bad if not used correctly. Most additives are designed as a preventative measure to help keep your DPF clean and this is usually achieved by increasing the temperature in the filter. It’s important to use premium additives that do not cause long term damage to your vehicle DPF. When additives are overdosed it can cause thermal damage in the DPF so it is really important to use the correct dosage.

We stock a range of DPF safe additives from JLM lubricants.

How much does a DPF clean cost?

Our DPF cleaning process costs £300 inc vat. This includes labour, cleaning additives, tools required and an extended data monitoring road test to confirm the repair has worked as expected. Once we are happy it is OK, we’ll also give you some DPF care tips to help ensure it works as it’s supposed to.