The Oldfields Service

We know a thing or two about Vehicle Servicing as it’s one of our specialist areas. Regular routine Servicing helps to keep vehicles running smoothly and reduces wear and tear of the engine components. When your vehicle is out of Warranty, we often find that they require a little more TLC on top of the manufacturer’s minimum standard. Vehicles are extremely complex now and we’ve used our years of experience to adapt and develop two improved types of service.

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The Oldfields 12-Month Annual Service

We don’t believe a simple oil change is enough to qualify as a service, we like to give you a detailed report on the condition of your vehicle to help identify safety concerns and plan for future requirements. The Oldfields Service is a comprehensive vehicle inspection that takes care of the safety, maintenance, and wear and tear aspects of your vehicle. Of course, we compliment the inspection side by pre-flushing your engine as appropriate before we drain the engine oil, renew the oil filter and then fill with fresh oil that is the correct Manufacturer specification. We replace the cabin filter as required and provide you with an emailed vehicle inspection report to highlight any concerns of recommendations.

The Oldfields Major Service

We recommend the Oldfields Major Service Every 2 years or for lower annual mileage vehicles (less than 5000 per year) every 3 years. For the Oldfields Major Service, we build on The Oldfields Service and tailor it based on the vehicle age and mileage to also include replacement of spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter based on the manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval.