DPF Doctor Assessment

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is fitted to modern diesel fuel vehicles to help meet environment emissions regulations and it is a self cleaning filter. If the DPF is blocked or blocking there is something causing it and cleaning is not necessarily the solution. The DPF system is complex but you can rest assured that the “DPF Doctor Assessment” has been proven time and time again to identify the actions required to get to the root cause of the DPF fault – giving a first time fix solution.

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What is the DPF Doctor Assessment?

The DPF Doctor Assessment is a proven process that looks at what is happening with your vehicle to cause the DPF to block. Our assessment is a critical part of what we do and includes a physical check, pressure testing and non intrusive testing followed by interpreting vehicle diagnostic data and decide the correct course of action to investigate and resolve your issue. Without guesswork. By addressing the root cause of the problem, we can successfully repair the vehicle first time.

What is a DPF?

In simple terms, a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a soot trap located in the exhaust that catches harmful soot particles to stop them entering the atmosphere. These soot particles build up over time so the DPF is designed to clean itself during a process called regeneration.

If the DPF is blocked then the vehicle is either unable to “self clean” (caused by a system/conditions problem) or the DPF is able to self clean but it can’t do it quickly enough due to excess soot entering it (this would indicate a mechanical issue upstream of the DPF).

To summarise… A DPF is a self cleaning filter that should take care of itself.

What is a DPF warning light?

Does a DPF warning light mean that my DPF is blocked? A DPF warning light does not necessarily mean that you have a problem. It is usually an indicator that you need to take the car for a long steady drive at around 60MPH for over 20 minutes to allow the DPF to regenerate (self cleaning process). If the light goes out after 20 mins then the vehicle is able to carry out a regeneration. If symptoms persist then you should contact us.

How much does a DPF Assessment Cost?

The fixed fee for our assessment is just £90 inc vat. Once we’ve done the assessment we will stop and provide you with the information on what is the correct action to resolve the issue. In some cases there are no further costs required, but nothing extra will be carried out without your authorisation.