Manufacturer Servicing

Regular servicing is not only vital to keep your vehicle running smoothly but also to maintain its warranty. As a vehicle owner, you have the right to choose where you have your vehicle serviced, so long as it is serviced at the correct time based on age and mileage and the service meets the manufacturers minimum standard. Once the Service is completed you also need a VAT invoice as proof that it has been carried out. Oldfields use the manufacturers schedule to exceed the Warranty Requirements along with parts and fluids that are either from the manufacturer or meet the Original Equipment quality.

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Our three-step approach to Warranty Servicing:

1) We go beyond the simple minimum service requirements. To ensure we exceed the Manufacturer Service Schedule we subscribe to several technical data sources to have access to the correct information to Service your Car, Motorhome, or Light Commercial vehicle.

2) We use premium branded traceable filters and other service parts to ensure they won’t invalidate your warranty or cause any problems to your vehicle. We can also access main dealer parts if you’d prefer.

3) We only use the correct oil and fluids for your vehicle, which is selected by using your vehicle registration number so we always get it right. We stock over 20 different engine oil specifications (and still rising) and anything that is a bit more unusual or new specification we order specially.