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WE’RE RECRUITING AN APPRENTICE – are you the future of Oldfields Garage?

Wednesday 17th April 2024

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We’re looking for the future of Oldfields! Are you the right fit to join our Award Winning Team as an apprentice technician?

We’re keen for the best people to join our business and we have great success in helping apprentices progress and develop, offering opportunities for additional training and a great working environment. Take Owen for example, who is Level 3 Electric Vehicle Qualified before he has even completed his full apprenticeship.

You’ll firstly need to be interested in vehicles and their maintenance. We are looking for a good attitude, able to communicate effectively and a strong willingness to learn and develop. We’ll be inviting successful applicants for a trial run so you can spend some time in the workshop working alongside one of our team.

Who is this for?

We’re keen to get the right person to join us and would consider a school leaver, someone who has completed a year at college on the full time course or someone who has worked in industry but is looking for a better environment with more opportunities to develop.

How should you apply?

If you’d like to be considered for this position email your CV along with a short paragraph on why you’d like to work with Oldfields to

When should you apply?

We’ve set an initial deadline for applications of 10th May. This may close earlier without notice, if we have strong applications so please don’t leave it too late to express your interest.