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Oldfields Garage - Air Conditioning Service in Leominster

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems are checked and re-charged every 2-3 years, which helps to ensure vehicle passengers remain comfortable and the system remains "cold" and working effectively. An efficient air conditioning system helps keep the vehicle temperature at a comfortable level, also helping improve the fuel economy and performance of your vehicle while the air con is being used.
We are one of the few specialist vehicle air conditioning centres in Leominster. Having invested in specialist equipment and training, our team are qualified and hold the correct licences to allow us to carry out air conditioning work, including repairs and air conditioning service.
Why does my Car/Van Air Conditioning need to be serviced?
Your car air conditioning system can lose up to 10 per cent of its gas every year. If the gas level isn’t refilled, the system will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed and it will reduce the vehicle performance. 
What happens if it doesn’t get serviced?
Your vehicle air conditioning system will continue to lose gas, which means it will become less efficient. Having a less efficient system will lead to increased fuel consumption and eventually it will stop working and this may cause the need for replacement parts.
How much does it cost?
We have several different options available:

Option 1: Air conditioning re-gas £65.00 As part of our service re-gas we will fully evacuate the gas and moisture from the system, carryout a system vacuum to remove water traces, vacuum test for leaks*, add a leak tracer dye and then fully re-gas your system. We also make sure the compressor and condenser are in working order.

Option 2: Air conditioning antibacterial refresh treatment £19.99. We are one of the few air conditioning specialists in Leominster that can carry out a full antibacterial treatment of your air conditioning system. This treatment cleans and sanitizes the system, killing off bacteria to reduce the effects of allergies and bugs.

Option 3: Air conditioning re-gas & antibacterial refresh (at the same time) £75

What if a re-gas cannot be completed?

While the air conditioning re-gas is carried out, our system performs a vacuum test to check if the system is sealed before it completes the re-gas. If the vacuum test fails, the procedure is stopped and you will not be charged the full amount of the re-gas.

If you decide not to go any further you will only be charged £15. However if the vehicle is booked in to investigate and/or rectify the fault you will only be charged for the investigation/rectification of the fault.

How much does it cost to repair an air conditioning fault?
Diagnosing and finding air conditioning faults can be challenging and the cost of the repair will depend what the fault is. We are able to investigate leaks and faults on your air conditioning system in several ways. When we re-gas an air conditioning system, we use a leak tracer dye which helps to diagnose and find leaks.

We are also able to pressurize the system using nitrogen technology to try to find leaks in the system. A nitrogen test will usually enable us to establish the source of the leak. Depending on the air conditioning system on your vehicle, you would need to allow up to £120 inc VAT to carry out a nitrogen test.

Once the fault is established we can price the repair for your vehicle.

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* A vacuum test will be carried out which checks if the system is sealed an holds a vacuum for a minimum of 25 minutes. This does not however provide a 100% guarantee that the system is sealed and free from leaks. Ask one of our team for full details.