Air Conditioning Service & Diagnostics

Sunday 1st May 2022

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We’ve recently added the Newer type, R1234YF Air conditioning gas to our on-site services in time for the warmer weather. We are now able to service re-gas R134A and R1234YF systems.

Whilst we were doing so we took the opportunity to invest in our Air Con Diagnostic capability. To carry out Air Conditioning regas on vehicles, all garages and Air Con centres need to be qualified to handle gas safely and require the F-Gas Certification. Oldfields have taken this a step further and our team are now qualified in Air Conditioning Diagnostics, meaning we now specialise in carrying out correct investigation and testing to get to the root cause of Air Con faults and leaks. We don’t just refill the system if there is problem, stopping our customers from potentially wasting money on re-gassing!

Our air conditioning pricing is as follows*:

  1. Regas for R134A systems (old type gas, up to £500 grams) £79.99 inc vat
  2. Regas for R1234YF systems (newer type gas, up to 500 grams) £145.80 inc vat
  3. Air Con Diagnostic Assessment £95.00 inc vat

If you’d like to book your vehicle in with us, you can do it online here…

*Pricing correct as of 1st May 2022