Our New Look Customer Reception

Thursday 18th November 2021

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We’ve not had customers coming into our building for quite a while, we haven’t wasted that time though! We’ve taken the opportunity to give our customer facilities a pretty significant overhaul. Our new reception office has been tidied, re-organised and modernised and is now reflective of a more welcoming and comfortable experience for our customers. You can still drop and go, but if you need to wait we are pleased you can do so comfortably in our customer waiting area. With a cup of speciality tea or a coffee!

It’s the first major overhaul of our customer reception since we moved in to Brunel Road in 2010. With the help of our team and some great local trades and suppliers we’re delighted with how it’s turned out. We look forward to welcoming you back in soon! I’d like to thank JW Davies Carpentry and Building for the reconfiguring. Bespoke Kitchens and Services (our neighbours) for the handmade kitchen and reception desks. AC Electrics for dealing with our electrical and internet requirements. Finally A4 Office Products in Hereford for our storage solutions.

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